Sunrise in Florence

12 January 2024

In a world of immortal weddings and portraits that narrate love stories, every photographer knows that the true challenge is capturing those unique moments, away from the noise of everyday life. And here comes the best-kept secret: Florence at sunrise.

Sunrise in Florence is like the curtain rising on a romantic spectacle, and who better than Matteo and Giada, a couple with a story to tell, could be the protagonists of this photographic adventure?

When the historic center is shrouded in silence and the streets are deserted, it’s as if Florence herself grants us a private stage. And so, with my camera ready and my heart filled with expectations, I accompanied Matteo and Giada on a unique journey.

The sunrise awakening is a challenge in itself. There are shadows playing hide-and-seek among the arches of Ponte Vecchio, but also the promise of capturing love in a state of pure authenticity.

Matteo and Giada, with their sleepy glances and stolen smiles, have proven that dawn is the perfect moment to immortalize the intimacy of a couple without distractions. The enchantment of Florence at sunrise has transformed each shot into a visual narrative, a collage of emotions and love.

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