Villa Catureglio

2 March 2023

Luke and Tanya

More and more often, couples living abroad and choosing Italy for their wedding contact me for photography services. And for me, it’s a great pleasure to receive these requests and talk to them.

Luke and Tanya, a couple from England, chose Villa Catureglio in Tuscany as the location for their informal and intimate wedding. With the help of Kate and Rose Weddings, they organized the event with a few strategically placed floral decorations, creating a rustic and welcoming atmosphere.

Villa Catureglio, built in the 15th century in Renaissance style, has been carefully restored. The gardens offer numerous photographic opportunities thanks to their beauty and variety of plants and flowers. The villa, with its large wooden doors, arched windows, frescoed ceilings, and terracotta floors, creates a romantic and antique atmosphere, ideal for celebrating love.

The event was a logistical success, allowing Luke and Tanya to enjoy their wedding in absolute serenity. During the photo shoot, the couple’s passion for tango made the photos dynamic and fun, adding a touch of movement.

In conclusion, Luke and Tanya’s wedding at Villa Catureglio was an unforgettable experience. The beauty of the gardens and villa structures allowed for capturing unforgettable moments, making the photography service an absolute success.

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Location: Villa Catureglio
Planning: Kate & Rose Weddings

A huge thanks to Silvia Mazzei for the support as a second photographer and more.

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